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Sell hulled millet & millet seed in shell. Quality is on focus of our team. HACCP certified since November 2012. We guarantee absolute purity for foodstuff. Which is very important for retailers & packagers also for Bakeries, hence there is no need to re-clean the seeds after us, we give you finished and ready for packing seeds. Just use it!! Cereal Supply Ukraine!

Cereal Supply Ukraine.

For customer satisfaction and for our reputation its necessary control every production steps, starting from planting of seeds, growing of seeds, harvesting and moving seeds into warehouse for careful treating. Interlink continuously improve our skills and equipment’s in order to pace with modern world in unison. Recently we added into our sales list – gluten free seeds for food industry in cereal supply Ukraine. Ask for it without hesitation, you can count on us!
We care seeds with love.

Cereal Supply Ukraine and quotation.

Our offers are valid for one weeks from their indicated date. Our acceptance of an order are only valid upon written confirmation from us in the form of an acknowledgement of receipt that sets out the price conditions and the deadline for the goods to be supplied.
We always welcome new customers and suppliers!

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Sell mustard seed Ukraine for export - We always welcome new customers and suppliers!
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